Toilet habits that will help you cure hemorrhoids

Did you know that your toilet habits could be a major contributor to getting recurrent hemorrhoids? If you find yourself always having to treat hemorrhoids and just when you think it is gone, you get another infection? Before you start thinking there is something wrong with your system, maybe it is time to change your toilet habits. If you want to find out how to get rid of hemorrhoids, then you should consider these:

1, Stop using scented products: Scented tissues, wipes and other cleaners may sound like a good option to use after you have emptied your bowels, but they could be causing your hemorrhoids. Some of these products are made with so many chemicals that end up irritating your anus, causing piles. Always use products that do not contain perfume, or simple plain water to clean up the area.

2. Squat, don’t sit: It may sound strange to you, but you are actually supposed to be squatting when you are emptying your bowels, not sit. When you it on the toilet, you end up putting a lot of pressure on the rectum, and this can cause hemorrhoids. Sitting also exposes your rectum to infections, especially if the bowl water is not clean and it splashes back into your anus, Always try to squat when using the toilet.

3. Don’t try holding back: When you need to use the toilet, do not hold back hoping that it will disappear. Restraining yourself from emptying your bowel makes the stool very hard, causing it to become difficult to expel, and may rapture the veins and area around the anus. Always try to have a regular bowel movement and incorporate healthy habits like drinking a lot of water and eating vegetables rich in fiber so that you increase the number of times you go to the toilet, and reduce the strain and discomfort of passing hardened stool.

4. Blot, don’t rub: after using the toilet, avoid having to run the anal area with so much force, as this will cause irritation and can cause injury. Instead, gently blot with tissue or if you want an extra sense of clean, you can wet a disposable cloth and use it in the area.

5. Dry the anal area: after using the toilet, or after you have taken a shower, always ensure that you thoroughly dry the anal area to prevent bacteria from forming as a result of the moisture. Wear underwear that is made of absorbent fabric such as cotton so that you do not sweat and get an infection. Additionally, do not wear very tight underwear or clothes as they may cause accumulation of bacteria in the anal area.

6. Avoid using laxatives: Laxatives can cause an infection in the rectum due to the chemicals in it, and also for the fact that they make you have to use the toilet constantly, and in the process, you strain your rectum so much, you may end up getting an infection.

Generally, changing your toilet habits can help you control hemorrhoids, but if symptoms persist, always consult a doctor so that further tests can be done to establish other underlying conditions.

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