Chinese approach for dealing with hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are without a doubt one of the medical problems most disturbing and embarrassing. Although not normally trustworthy, they can lead to considerable difficulties in daily functioning and cause great distress. This distress is intensified considering the inconvenience and concern from turning to diagnosis and treatment by a physician that deals with conventional (proctologist) and the necessity of observation and physical examination of the rectum, and treatment of this intimate area. In contrast, Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment through acupuncture hemorrhoids, do not require the patient to undress and do not include any contact with the probe or anal area. This, coupled with the efficacy of acupuncture in relieving and concealing hemorrhoids, bringing more and more of a problem with this approach to solve the problem of Chinese Medicine.

What are hemorrhoids and when, why and how they are created?
Hemorrhoids are thickening of blood vessels and venous (varicose veins) in the anal area. As long as they are inside, these internal hemorrhoids if left out, those external hemorrhoids. These condensation causing itching and / or pain, especially while subject to pressure, for example during defecation. Often of concrete even bloody stool, in the toilet or on the toilet paper. Such bleeding may also be a symptom of colon cancer, and therefore it is important to check. Acupuncture is possible in almost any situation, but if there is any suspicion of cancer – have to inform the therapist about it.

Western medicine lists several physical causes formation of hemorrhoids, such as constipation and diarrhea, prolonged sitting or standing position, the pressure on the region due to pregnancy (in which case see acupuncture pregnant), heavy lifting and the like. Conventional treatment including provision of laxatives, ointments Balkhash, rubber band ligation prominent veins, healing power, injecting the veins causes degeneration of apples, burning laser vein, local analysis and more.

In Chinese medicine, diagnosing the energetic condition of the person and see the various health problems energetic imbalance symptoms – indicate other reasons for the appearance of hemorrhoids. These include an imbalance of the digestive system; Imbalance in the liver (eg as a result of anger and criticism, even self-critical); Unbalanced blood system and more. Imbalance may be expressed as the excess or lack of chi (life energy) or organ system in the body, stuck in a state of Qi, which does not flow properly, and the like. These conditions may be expressed hemorrhoids and can be treated using acupuncture.

This medicine also treats different physical factors, which aimed Western medicine (such as pressure on the region), and actually incorporates both diagnosis and treatment reference physical-mental-energetic.

Acupuncture easing and elimination of hemorrhoids
As noted above, acupuncture treatments for hemorrhoids do not include any expansion or contact with the anal area. Acupuncture is performed mainly in the limbs, when the first goal is the reduction of pain and returning them to the performance capabilities and quality of life were lost. These concepts usually after a few treatments. Then, you can access deeper treatment of the root problem, as revealed by the diagnosis, and help the patient to reach a long-term balance, to prevent the recurrence of a troublesome problem.

For example, if the diagnosis revealed a lack of Qi, causing flabbiness of muscles in the lower abdomen and anus, then the treatment will be aimed at moving the qi energy and balance in the region. If the problem is the accumulation and immobility of blood in the area, will direct the energy to drive the treatment and discharge of blood vessels (see also acupuncture for high blood pressure). Acupuncture can help even if the cause is physical, such as heavy lifting or pregnancy, creating pressure on the rectum.

Also, often involves treatment using acupuncture, dietary recommendations designed to facilitate and strengthen the digestive system, improve the movement of blood and the like.

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